world bank on blockchain technology

World Bank speaks on Blockchain Technology

An interesting article on blockchain technology recently published on the official blog of World Bank comes in as a ray of hope for people...
UPS blockchain solution

UPS files patent for blockchain-based delivery solution; deploys multiple ledgers

The American multinational delivery service giant, United Parcel Service (UPS), has joined the club of some of the biggest MNCs that harness blockchain technology,...
Blockchain Ticketing by UEFA

Blockchain technology ‘kicks-off’ Super Cup finale; UEFA deploys ledger-based ticketing

In a trailblazing initiative, the largest administrative body for association football in Europe, Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) conducted successful ticket distribution with...
World Bank

World Bank officially ushers into blockchain era, soon to launch blockchain-based bond

World Bank gave a new high to the spirits of blockchain-enthusiasts around the world when on 9 August 2018 the institution published a press...

This blockchain-based startup is all set to tackle Workplace Crimes

Taking blockchain utility to another level, a US-based startup company ‘I’ve Been Vetted’, or simply IBV, is building a blockchain-based solution to check workplace...
Microsoft blockchain

Microsoft launches ‘Proof-of-Authority’ consensus model on Azure

One of the biggest adopters of blockchain in present times, Microsoft Azure recently announced the launch of its Proof-of-Authority protocol; a significant addition to...

West Virginia announces blockchain-based elections in 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are going to keep an eye on the U.S Senate election in West Virginia of November 2018. Why? Because a particular...

Chinese University Builds Blockchain Electricity Exchange For Trading Power

The Chinese Dragon may seem to have locked horns with cryptocurrency exchanges, but apparently, is quite considerate about harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology....

Wells Fargo messes up again; catalyzes the need for blockchain in banking

America’s third largest bank, Wells Fargo & Co. is in the news, once again, for denying loan modifications to homeowners due to incorrect determination...
Blockchain in Supply Chain

How Blockchain Can Transform The Supply Chain

Blockchain in Supply Chain: Nowadays, managing supply chains is insanely complex. The supply chain can span over several stages, several geographical locations, a multitude...