Blockchain for Healthcare in India

Blockchain Technology can Transform Healthcare in India

Blockchain for Healthcare in India: Without an ounce of doubt, blockchain technology had taken many industries by storm. This is especially true post rollout...
Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Creator

What is the difference between Bitcoin & Blockchain?

The terms Bitcoin and Blockchain often get confused. Blockchain serves as a platform for cryptos, and its scope and potential extends far beyond the...
What is Hodl?

What is HODL? & Other Must-Know Cryptocurrency Jargons

With the ever-increasing crypto-craze among people, more and more online traders are using impenetrable jargons, which might seem like slang terms, heavy on acronyms,...
The demand for Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) has skyrocketed in the past few months. Moreover, while a huge part of the world is asking for it, Andreas Antonopoulos – blockchain advocate, open-source consultant and Bitcoin Lightning Network expert

What is Airdrops? How it Works?

In crypto space, Airdrops is a kind of giveaway, which is usually used as a part of the promotional strategy. In other words, Airdrops...
What is an ICO - Initial Coin Offering

What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? – How Does it Work

“Initial Coin Offering”, often abbreviated as ICO is an unregulated means of raising funds for a new cryptocurrency venture. ICO, also known as token...
Centralised Ledger vs Distributed Ledger

What is Distributed Ledger Technology?

Traditional ledgers are known to be the foundation of accounting. Likewise, distributed ledgers perform a similar work on a digital systems. These digital systems...
What is private and public blockchain

What is Private and Public Blockchain? – Differences and Similarities

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, is slowly gaining popularity in the digital space. More and more reputed companies are adopting this new technology...
What is Smart Contracts

What is Smart Contracts & How does Smart Contracts Work?

Although the terms Bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts have created a buzz in the crypto space, only a handful of people are aware of...
Blockchain technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

The revolutionary blockchain technology that created buzz in the market is expected to disrupt the tech-space forever. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain has been...