Fundacao Getulio Vargas, based in Sao Paulo, has announced the country’s first Master’s degree in crypto finance. Ricardo Rochman, the program coordinator, highlighted that there is a continuous need for more significant educational resources on cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. He mentioned that the crypto market lacks people with expertise, but Master’s degree in crypto finance will have economic and financial fundamentals incorporated that are worth discussing, researching, and teaching.

A 26-year old economics student at the university shared his experience about the benefits of studying the markets from a non-speculative perception. He stated that learning about the practical applications of the technology and cryptocurrency as an alternative investment will be a conceptual gain for the students.

Brazilian Students Form Blockchain Insper

A study group of students and a junior company have taken the initiative and established Blockchain Insper. The group was initiated by two economic students, Juan Perpetuo and Felipe Santos. They mentioned that despite knowing the fact that there is no point of doing something on their own, they decided to create Blockchain Insper. They wanted to create a hub that facilitates entry for all students. Additionally, they wanted to have a platform that has a bias of innovation which can set them apart from a junior company.

Blockchain Insper has established partnerships with five companies operating in the crypto market. These companies provide professionals as mentors and consultants that guides the study group on blockchain courses. Currently, 23 members work in research teams studying finance, technology, and business, and departments tasked with the management and practical execution of marketing, strategy, content, and events. The exciting part is all the students are involved in both practical and research activities.

Cryptocurrencies in Economics Studies

Last year, the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University Sao Paulo incorporated cryptocurrencies into their course. This was pioneered by Professor Alan de Genaro. Professor stated that some issues have to be made clear to the students, regardless of the fact whether they work in finance market or not. Students must learn which factors are beneficial and which are not.

Blockchain Courses in India

In February 2018, Prime Minister of India launched NASSCOM’s Future Skills Platform where it is anticipated that 4 million Information Technology (IT) professionals will be trained in eight new skill-sets. The new skill sets include artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and blockchain courses, among others.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Law & Justice and Electronics and IT, stated that it is essential to reskill young professionals in the country. He also emphasized on the increasing number of blockchain courses in India that are available to cater to the growing demand for improved knowledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Institutes are also seeing an increase in interest among students and working professionals towards blockchain courses in India.


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