Elon Musk, the hotshot owner of ‘astronomical’ entities like SpaceX, PayPal, and more, on Tuesday, replied on a Twitter thread in a blatantly satirical way that he wants to possess Ethereum tokens, right away.

Musk replied on a Twitter thread started by Techmeme, stating that Twitter has struck off another 486 sham accounts, involved in ‘co-ordinated manipulation,’ from its platform, which Musk appreciated.

The story behind this particular thread begins with Musk being perplexed about fake accounts in his name on Twitter, promising free BTC and ETH giveaways, and in some cases, even asking users to send cryptocurrencies to a specific wallet address, in order to receive ‘double.’ Responding to Adam McMurchie asking Musk to spill the beans about one of his SpaceX projects, Musk came up with this hilarious response:

Lately, Twitter, like any other social media platform, has been swarmed by counterfeit handles of prominent personalities around the world, and been among scammers’ favorites for malicious ‘coordinated manipulation.’ A co-ordinated manipulation is when a group of people collaborate to create something that is against what is conventionally true.

However, in an official tweet, the heedless business magnate also pointed out the ‘Mad skillz’ of entities running Ethereum scambots on the platform.


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