In an official tweet by LinkTime – a representative of Ethereum community in China – announced a global Ethereum summit being conducted on September 8, 2018, in Hong Kong, China. The ‘Ethereum Industry Summit – Scalability and Industry Integration 2018’ will focus on drawing the attention of the global industrial players and firms towards the emerging utility and scope of integration of Ethereum in different industrial spheres.

Being co-hosted by LinkTime and EthFans (a prominent Ethereum community in China), the summit would also host speeches and panel discussions on pressing concerns like Ethereum scalability, smart contracts security, Vyper (smart contract development language) and much more.

The event includes keynotes and discussions by some of the biggest names in the field of blockchain technology, among which some of the most prominent ones are Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), Jake Lang (Core Developer at Ethereum Foundation), Vilhelm Sjöberg (Research Scientist at CertiK), and Eric Tang (Founder of Livepeer).

Among the significant events during the conference, two panel discussions on “Security of Smart Contract” and “Decentralized Exchanges” are expected to generate insights in terms of industrial applications of Ethereum blockchain and tokens based on it.

Past few years have seen mushrooming of numerous use cases based on Ethereum blockchain, depicting the scope of the utility of blockchain network in industrial applications of the same. Furthermore, solutions like EOS have made it easier for blockchain developers to create custom, scalable DApps, and those like OmiseGo, which is a payment and banking platform based on Smart Contracts and ERC-20 tokens, lay the foundation of what is imminent for Ethereum.


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