In a much-anticipated press release, Ethos, which provides a consolidated wallet and financial integration service, announced that it is integrating two of the most popular crypto-coins, Litecoin and Dash, to its list of digital assets.

The write-up provides an overview of the onboarding process, discussing feature enhancement and coin integration process, which have been shaped with community feedback in back of the mind. Confirming the status of its latest advancement, Ethos also stated that the integrations are 95% complete, and are currently under beta-testing phase at the Product Council.

According to Ethos, the recent move is expected to bring the communities of Ethos, Litecoin, and Dash, closer, and is a significant step towards building dominance in the field of cryptocurrency storage and payments.

Since its inception, Ethos has been focused on building a composite solution that allows users to store cryptocurrencies, and use them in mainstream financial applications as well. True to its promise, the company achieves the latter with Ethos Bedrock, which is a platform built for integrating wallet services with conventional financial applications with the help of cryptographic protocols that imitate internet protocols; thus facilitating ease of integration.

A few weeks back, Ethos was in the news for partnering with Simplex and Shapeshift, which the company claims, will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies with credit and debits cards from among the constellation of cryptocurrencies; thus expanding the utility of its ‘Universal Wallet’ by a much higher degree.

According to CoinMarketCap, Litecoin and Dash stand among the top 15 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, with Dash capturing over $1,627,477,711 USD, and that of Litecoin at a staggering $3,658,116,343 USD.


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