The public blockchain and decentralized collaboration platform Ontology has recently unveiled the latest version of its official desktop wallet application ‘OWallet,’ which is out for iOS and Windows users to download. Along with this, the blockchain services provider has also confirmed that it will release support for NEP-5 ONT token swap in next version of the wallet.

After the current upgrade, some of the striking new features are supports for creating individual wallets, shared wallets, and Ledger hardware wallets.

With the individual wallet support, users can create, import, export, transfer & receive assets, and redeem their ONT & ONG digital assets. With a similar slew of features, shared wallet support allows users to create, send & receive assets, and join wallets. OWallet also supports the integration of Ledger hardware wallet allowing you to add and store MainNet ONT most securely.

The platform also released instructions for users to go for “WIF” import methods for importing MainNet ONT from O3 or SEA wallets, as both wallets deploy WIF private key model. Further explaining OWallet’s capabilities, the official release mentioned that its ‘Shared wallet’ could simultaneously be used with ONTO shared wallet.

Notably, OWallet’s wallet follows the single signature protocol for signing transactions, and the rest of the information such as wallet address, public key, token balance, transaction history and more, is pre-loaded via the application’s UI. On the other hand, the shared wallet needs multiple signatures. However, the funds access can be granted to more than one party.


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