According to the sources, the US cloud computing giant, Salesforce will be soon offering blockchain and cryptocurrency solution for the company’s Dreamforce conference by the end of 2018.

A Word With CEO & Co-Founder

At a recent conference, the CEO, Mark Benioff along with co-founder Parker Harris confirmed about the new offering, Salesforce blockchain. They also mentioned that Dreamforce will have a cryptocurrency and blockchain solution for Salesforce and the customers, later this year. As per the announcement, this is the first time for Salesforce, where the company was able to generate more than $8.4 billion in revenue, last year.

Although the company is discreet about the exact nature of how they will be interacting with blockchain solutions and crypto, the co-founder has implied that the plans are concrete rather than abstract.

The Idea of Innovation

When Parker Harris was approached by an unnamed executive at a hotel bar in 2018, during World Economic Forum, the idea of innovation, Salesforce blockchain cropped up. Harris revealed that the event that he was attending was more about anti-Bitcoin soundbites rather than progressive thinking, but another cryptocurrency conference was taking place at the same time, which gave him a chance to meet the unnamed executive who embarked the discussion about blockchain solutions.

The plans of the company unexpectedly surpassed over the weekend. But the successful VC company, Venrock has confirmed that it has partnered with CoinFund, the blockchain start-up company, to foster business growth in this new sector.

With the first significant inroad for Rockefeller in the blockchain and crypto arena, the news event has already pushed Bitcoin prices upwards.

Salesforce blockchain and crypto solution will undoubtedly prove to be the top brass of the company and is sure to receive a positive response on the technological aspect.


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