The American multinational delivery service giant, United Parcel Service (UPS), has joined the club of some of the biggest MNCs that harness blockchain technology, in order to fortify the quality of their delivery services. In a patent filed with USPTO, the shipping company claimed to reserve rights for a computerised system to monitor transportation and delivery of shipments, with the use of a distributed ledger or blockchain.

The patent registered in the title “Autonomous Services Selection System and Distributed Transportation Database(s)” will focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of the firm’s shipment delivery system by refining the stages of package distribution. The underlying technology of the distributed package system devised by the UPS mentions of multiple blockchain ledgers, each of which will be responsible for storing data about different aspects of package delivery and warehousing, such as number of shipment units, time of dispatch and delivery, transportation method etc.

Over the years, UPS has proved to be one of the most prominent adopters of blockchain technology, as early this year, the shipping leader in the US expressed interest in utilizing blockchain technology to create a digital trust solution, “Methods and Systems for a Digital Trust Architecture”, which aims to promote digital trust and security among the current generation of users. And with its new move, UPS has declared its love for blockchain technology for the third time, as in late 2017, the firm’s subsidiary ‘Coyote Logistics’ joined hands with BiTA (Blockchain in Trucking Alliance), blockchain-based standards and education company for the freight industry.

The adoption of blockchain technology among world’s leading companies from different spheres has been quite clear-cut in the past couple of years, with some of the biggest names including IBM, Oracle Corporation, Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group, and many others.


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