The much-awaited blockchain event in 2018, Sino-US Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference, is set to take place at the LAX Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, California, the USA on August 22, 2018.

Being co-hosted by Blockchain China Connect and Artisan Business Group, along with FundingPost and WONO as partner organizations, the blockchain event in China bears ‘blockchain investment and funding’ as the central theme. Needless to mention, after China’s recent responses to the adoption of Bitcoin, the conference is one of the most anticipated among global investors, VCs, and blockchain experts and innovators.

Adding to the hype, startup funding, ICOs, Bitcoin mining, virtual currency trading, SEC compliance, legality and taxation and more, are among the most trending topics expected to be discussed during the much-hyped event.

Later in November, all eyes would be on the blockchain event in the USA – Blockchain Expo 2018, which will include blockchain exhibitions, workshops, keynotes and more.

Apart from the obvious hype that a cryptocurrency event attracts, majority of the buzz surrounding the US-China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference 2018 comes from the fact that both the countries have had an immovable stance, since the beginning, on the legalization of Bitcoin – officially the world’s first cryptocurrency – and are quite meticulous about the adoption of the underlying ‘blockchain’ technology.

In the recent past, while the United States has at least been openly conversational about the resilience, Beijing went for a massive crackdown on Bitcoin, ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges across the mainland. Not to forget, multiple ICO projects in China collecting more than $390 million were completed in the year 2017 itself, until the government choked the entire cryptocurrency trade ecosystem, terming it as ‘illegal.’ However, then, China’s take on adopting ‘blockchain technology’ is outright positive as Chinese President Xi Jinping regarded blockchain as a ‘breakthrough’ technology and added that the country is heavily into blockchain development.

The US, on the other hand, has been indicative of adopting a better, regulatory model for the crypto-market as the States does realize the potential of the rising technology, but at the same time, is wary about its potential to nurture the underground market. A clear indication about the US not being so strict about the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies was when in 2016, following the notorious DAO hack, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted tokens acquired from ICOs, the status of securities. However, SEC’s stance on crypto still cannot be called stable as the agency has shut down many ‘suspicious ICOs’ in the recent times, and at present, is pushing for possible regulation.

In February 2018, United States recently directed Coinbase to share the data of more than 13000 users with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for scrutiny. However, according to Coinbase, the matter needs to be taken to the court as confidentiality is a matter of concern in this case.

The significance of the US-China Blockchain & Digital Currency Conference 2018 can be perceived in terms of the massive impact of the conclusion the meeting would create, which would indirectly affect the blockchain ecosystem in countries like India, where the situation is more or less suspended between the two extremes, i.e., acceptance via regulation and ban.


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